“VIA SACRA ETRUSCA” is a project (FEISCT associated) originates in 2018 from an idea of:

In collaboration with:

  • Diego Vichi (archaeologist)
  • Sandro Frascarelli (Instructor of Nordic Hiking)
  • Maurizio Tani
  • Claudio del Vita
  • Fabrizio Baraglia


The project of slow tourism VIA “SACRA” ETRUSCA provides to study na hiking / cultural route that allows different categories of tourists (walkers and cyclists) to visit the historical and naturalistic evidence within the territories of: Pisa- Crespina Lorenzana – Casciana Terme Lari- Terricciola -Lajatico – Volterra- Casole d’Elsa – Colle di Val d’Elsa – Monteriggioni – Sovicille – Monteroni d’Arbia – Murlo.

The route is the result of field surveys and cartographic study (carried out in the years 2017- 2018) to obtain a track as compatible as possible with the needs of hiking:

  • division into several stages (not exceeding 20 km per stage)
  • calculation of land slopes to obtain a route accessible to all tourist categories
  • proximity to rest areas, accommodation and medical facilities

Travellers will be supported by the GPS tracks created by the designers and by the directional signs inserted on site (never inserted into private roads or archaeological sites).


Along the way you can get in touch with archaeological evidence, connected only in hiking mode:


Etruscan necropolis of Portone (Volterra), Agresto’s tomb (Casole d’Elsa), Etruscan necropolis of Dometaia (Colle di Val d’Elsa) n.b visitable by appointment through the Gruppo Archeologico Colligiano, Etruscan necropolis of Poggio alla Fame/ Scarna (Monteriggioni), Tumulus of Mucellena (Casole d’Elsa), Etruscan necropolis of Malignano (Sovicille).


Tumulus of the Etruscan prince (Pisa), Ipogei del Belvedere (Terricciola)


In order to complete the tourist package and to provide official information, it is essential to indicate the archaeological museums along the way:


Museo Guarnacci (Volterra), Museo Civico Archeologico dela Collegiata (Casole d’Elsa), Archaeological museum “Ranuccio Bianchi Bandinelli” (Colle di Val d’Elsa) nb. “in phase of reopening”, Antiquarium di Poggio Civitate (Murlo).


Archaeological exhibition “Etruschi a Parlascio” (permanent exhibition – Casciana Terme), Museum of Ancient Ships of Pisa (Pisa)


The route will cross the following naturalistic evidences:


Forest of Berignone/Tatti: nature reserve – Montagnola Senese: site of Community interest Val di Merse: site of Community interest – Crete Senesi


Oasi della Contessa: provincial nature reserve (LI)* open by appointment – Parco dei Monti Livornesi


The aim of this project can be summarized in:

  • rediscover  and promote the knowledge of archaeological heritage along the way
  • promote the slow tourism through events and with trekking and historical/cultural walks
  • Installation of a common directional signage which make a route an “ homogeneus package
  • Collaboration with local association, museums, school, to complete the tourist offer
  • Development of a guide
  • Extension of the route towards Monteroni d’Arbia, Murlo, Buonconvento, Chiusi toward the final goals: Orvieto, Bolsena, Tarquinia and Bomarzo