Tomb of “Principe Etrusco” (Pisa)

The tomb of  “Principe Etrusco” is a funerary monument dated around the 7th century BC found in the outskirts of Pisa, in Via San Jacopo.

In 1853, during the extension works of the suburban cemetery of via S. Jacopo in Pisa, about twenty tombs were found as part of a sepulchral complex crystallized around a tomb of 30 m in diameter. But only in 1994 during the excavation work was brought to light necropolis with its Etruscan tumulus of considerable size, which is the most important element of the extensive necropolis. Today the tomb is delimited by a crown made up of slabs of stone of reduced thickness, inserted vertically into the ground with regularity (Fig.1).

* The etruscan tomb can be visited by appointment with pisamo s.p.a