Via “Sacra” Etrusca at Bomarzo (VT)

The event that will take place on November 10 in Bomarzo (VT) is just the beginning of a collaboration between northern Lazio and Tuscany.

The trek starts at 11.00 a.m. (by reservation) from Campo Sportivo di Bomarzo (VT). We arrive at the Etruscan Pyramid. At the Pyramid, the archaeologist Sigfrido Junior Hobel, the creator of Project Tuscia  and Salvatore Fosci, who brought to light the Pyramid, will be waiting for us for a guided tour.

 1.00 p.m packed lunch or (by reservation) lunch at the Agriturismo Le Querce.

3.oo p.m at the Cultural Association Arte e Benessere in Via del Piano, 15, Bomarzo (VT): presentation of the hiking/cultural project Via “Sacra” Etrusca by Gianfranco Bracci and Diego Vichi and the book launch “I leoni d’etruria” (Itaca Edizioni) written by Gianfranco Bracci and Marco Parlanti.

info and reservations: